How to retrieve and print your E-ticket

Please note

  • You won’t able to retrieve your E-ticket before it has been issued. Depending on your itinerary, it may take longer to issue your ticket.
  • It is not possible to retrieve E-tickets if you have booked other travel arrangements such as a hotel accommodation or bus tickets in the same itinerary.
    If you are unable to retrieve and print your E-ticket, please contact EnglishJAL European Reservations.

How to display and print


Please click here.


Select and input "PNR code/reference (Reservation Number)*" and also input the "Flight Number", "Date of boarding" and
"Passenger name (Name on passport without any space or punctuation)" then click "Reservation Confirmation".
* You don't need to input "Password from your travel agent".

* “PNR code/reference (Reservation Number)” consists of 6 numbers or letters. You will find this on your confirmation e-mail after you've made a reservation.

Please note
If there is no “PNR code/reference (Reservation Number)” on the e-mail, JAL Ticket Service will send you another e-mail with a “PNR code/reference (Reservation Number)”. After you receive the e-mail from JAL Ticket Service, you can retrieve your E-ticket Receipt.

**JMB members in Europe, Middle East and Africa Region can log-in with your JMB number and PIN to proceed.


Please click “Select” for the itinerary that you would like to retrieve.


Scroll down the page and click “Display/Print the E-ticket Passenger Receipts”*.
*If there is no " Display/Print the E-ticket Passenger Receipts" button (because tickets are not issued yet), please try again on the next working day.


Once you are on the “International Reservation Service E-ticket Receipt” page, click “Display/Print the E-ticket Passenger Receipts” again.


The E-ticket Receipt will be shown. You can now print your E-ticket.

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